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Meeting Minutes

Click on the months below to download Minutes from recent GHFL Board Meetings.  Videos of each meeting (posted since Feb. 2017) are linked with a 'v':

2018 2017 2016 2015 2014
January  (v)     January                  January                  January                   January
  February  (v) February February (ht limits) February
  March  (v) March March March 
  April  (v) April April April (Block 7)
  May  (v) May May May 
  June  (v) June June June 
  July July July July
  August August August August
  September September September September
  October October October October (Block 7)
  November (v)  November November November (special)
  December (v) December December December

Board Meeting Minutes (Archived by Year)

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Early history (1976-1983) of the GHFL and its accomplishments can be found here.

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