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Proof of Goose Hollow Sign Cap

Sign Caps Project Report (June 2013) – The Goose Hollow Sign Cap project was spearheaded by residents Scott Schaffer and Tracy Prince to help brand the many diverse areas of the Goose Hollow neighborhood.  Funding for the project began with their successful application for a small grant sponsored by the Neighbors West-Northwest Coalition.  It has been reported that Goose Hollow was one of the first neighborhoods to have such sign caps, back in the 1980s, but that the caps were inexplicably removed.  Today, nearly every street corner of Goose Hollow sports a new and distinctive blue sign cap.  And the press has certainly noticed!

By June 2013, over 200 (reported by PBOT as 216) branded sign caps had been installed on street signs throughout the Goose Hollow neighborhood, making it the largest such installation in the city's history and exceeding the neighborhood goal of 150 installed sign caps.  The project obtained its initial funding in late 2011 through Neighbors-West Northwest (NWNW) with a small grant totaling $4480.  Additional sponsors raised $2500.  Over the course of the next year, an additional $6344.25 was raised or obtained through communications funds for a total fundraise for the project of $13,324.25.

Going forward, non-conforming street signs—e.g. those shorter than 24” or in bad physical condition—will be replaced by PBOT at some indeterminate time in the future.  There are five (5) locations where new street signs will be installed and these will be capped when available, these include: the missing one at SW14th/Jefferson in the SW corner, the missing one at the SW14th/Columbia corner in the NE corner, the missing one at the SE corner of SW Park Pl./Douglas Pl., two new pedestal mounts at SW 17th/Jefferson SE and NW corners.  A FINAL REPORT on the project can be found here.  A launch party date has not yet been set, but we hope to have it hosted at the Goose Hollow Inn sometime during the early summer.

This project was made possible through a very generous grant from the Neighbors West/Northwest (NWNW) small grants program.  We also wish to thank our many sponsors, without which, this project could not have been completed:

-The Multnomah Athletic Club -BMW of Portland
-Jim Fisher Volvo -Portland Timbers (Peregrine Sports)
-Collier Smith Corp. -C&R Real Estate
-Chuck Benton Automobiles -Hotel deluxe
-William H Reilly & Co. -Dan Petrusich
-Timbers Army (107 Ind. Supp. Trust)                 -Artists Repertory Theater
-Portland Towers -Mary Valeant
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