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The Goose Hollow Foothills League (GHFL) is a non profit corporation, conforming to the rules of USIRS paragraph 501c3, incorporated in the State of Oregon and recognized by the City of Portland as a City Neighborhood Organization. The League and it's board are governed particularly by the League's Bylaws. The League was founded about 1970, and was incorporated in 1976.

The City of Portland's Standards for Citizen Participation and Chapter 3.96, Portland City Code authorize and provide for recognition of neighborhoods and govern their relationship with the City as official organizations for citizen involvement.  Attorney Cinthia Cumfer, a recognized Oregon expert in non-profit management law, has an exellent presentation on the subject.

Under provisions of the City's guidelines, the League participates in a coalition of neighborhoods, Neighbors West/Northwest, the administrative organization that provides services to its twelve member neighborhoods.

The GHFL Board of Directors consists of up to eleven residents, businesspeople or property owners from the neighborhood that volunteer their time to participate in public affairs. The board meets at 7PM on the third Thursday of every month at the Multnomah Athletic Club at 1849 SW Salmon St.  Meeting minutes can be found here.  Much of the Goose Hollow Board's routine business is deliberated by and packaged for the Board's discussion by its committees.

Check out our neighborhood brochure.  We'd love for you to join us.

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