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Goose Hollow Banner History

In 2009, GHFL board member Tracy Prince had the idea that Goose Hollow banners spread throughout the neighborhood would promote a stronger sense of neighborhood identity. She submitted a grant through Portland's Office of Neighborhood Involvement, and it was approved. The Multnomah Athletic Club also contributed funds toward this project.

After Prince researched the founding date of the neighborhood (1845), she and Scott Schaffer (former board member) designed the banner.  Prince's initial research for the banner project served as her inspiration to write an entire book (available April 11, 2011 here and here) on the history of Goose Hollow.

The goose depicted on the banner has been an emblem of the neighborhood association since the mid 1970s. This goose design first appeared on the sign for the Goose Hollow Inn, established in 1967. Proprietor and former mayor Bud Clark enthusiastically supported the use of his goose image to promote the neighborhood. Now geese can be seen flapping throughout all of Goose Hollow.

Because of the grants received, there are a number of Goose Hollow banners that can be given away for free. These banners are an important resource for neighborhood identity and cohesion, thus it is important that these banners be put to excellent use.

If you are interested in receiving a banner please contact Tracy Prince ( All recipients must commit to hanging the banner in a prominent place where it can be readily seen and also commit to passing the banner along to another Goose Hollow resident should the recipient move or tire of hanging the banner. Recipients will be asked to email a picture of their hanging banner which will be posted to

Anyone wishing to hang the banner indoors or in places not readily viewable from the street or sidewalk may purchase the banner from Elmer's Flags (503-282-1214 or  The quoted price is $166 for the current flag, or $79 for a single/reverse design.  Smaller (18"x12") reverse printed flags can be purchased; minimum order is 12 pieces for $15.00 each [e.g. minimum $170 order].  Further volume pricing may be available.  Or you may download and print out your own tabloid-sized banners.

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