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TO CONTACT THE NEIGHBORHOOD:  Please email us at, or contact us using the form below.  Neighborhood questions may also be directed to the Neighbors West-Northwest offices at 503-823-4288.

For more information about our committees, click here; to view a list of our board members, click here.

TO CONTACT THE CITY:  To report graffiti, problems with parks, plugged storm drains, broken street lights, or potholes, please contact the city at 503-823-3333.  The city also provides a phone app (iPhone & Android) that allows you to take and send a picture of the issue with geotagging to alert city personnel.

Neighborhood Police Officers: (503-823-0076 -- Central Precinct Front Desk)

  • Michael Cox (day shift)

  • Laura Wiley (afternoon shift)

  • Jason Worthington (day shift)                         

  • Kevin Allen (afternoon shift)

  • Joe Webber (day shift)

  • Todd Harris (night shift)

PPB Community Liaison OfficerNick Newby (503-823-4181)

ONI Crime Prevention Program ManagerJenni Pullen (503-823-4257)

Noise Violations: Title 18 of the City Code requires construction companies to make no noise prior to 7 am and to cease noise at 6 pm.  File noise complains online.

Improper Lane Closure: Construction and utililty companies are required to have a permit for lane closures.  Check to see if they have a current permit for the street closure.  If they do not, call the Portland Bureau of Transportation inspection line and they will send an inspector to the job site [503-823-7002].

Improper employee parking in the neighborhood: If you observe that job site employees are parking illegally, call Parking Enforcement [503-823-5195].

Dog Barking: Dog owners have a responsibility for the noise their pets make.  Multnomah County has a defined escalation process to handle such incidents.  More information can be found here.

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