goose hollow foothills league

Committees of Goose Hollow

  • The Goose Hollow BYLAWS Committee deals with questions revolving around the current GHFL bylaws and whether amendments are needed to cure any deficiencies with current practice and improve clarity.
  • The Goose Hollow ELECTION Committee confirms the numbers of GHFL Board openings each year and receives and vets nominees for GHFL elections held late fall of each year.  The Elections Committee will hold its next meeting on Sunday, Oct. 18, 2017, 11am at the Fehrenbacher Hof (1225 SW 19th Ave.) with a follow-up meeting Nov. 14.
  • The Goose Hollow MEMBERSHIP Ad Hoc Committee will work with NWNW to ensure that both duplicate and invalid records are removed and/or archived from the GHFL registry, update the membership application form, and establish procedures that will ensure the ongoing integrity of GHFL's registry system.
  • The Goose Hollow PUBLIC SAFETY, PARKING & TRANSPORTATION Committee operates to enhance the livability of Goose Hollow by addressing crime, graffiti, parking, transportation, and other livability issues.
  • The Goose Hollow PLANNING Committee deals with questions of planning and development.  It meets the first Wednesday of every month at 7 PM in room 202 of the First United Methodist Church at SW 18th and Jefferson.

Past committees that are no longer active or whose functions have been incorporated into the above committee duties can be found here.

The Goose Hollow BOARD meets the third Thursday of every month at the Multnomah Athletic Club to discuss all aspects of the neighborhood, including planning, health and safety, livability issues, traffic, parks, and visioning for the future.  Board meeting minutes and correspondence are publicly available.  All neighbors are welcome to attend any of our neighborhood meetings.

Committee meeting schedules are published in advance, and conducted under Oregon's Public Meeting Laws (see also the guide published by Open Oregon, the ODOJ site concerning public records as modified by ONI Standards, and the Oregon Attorney General's Office and the Oregon AG's 2010 Transparency Report). Please check the calendar for up to date meeting dates, times, and locations as well as a summary of topics to be covered. Meeting minutes can be found here. Correspondence from the Board can be found here.

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