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GHFL Letters

The following lists some of the more recent official correspondence sent by the GHFL (in reverse chronological order) to various government agencies:

--May 22, 2015Letter to Portland Bureau of Transportation requesting that they eliminate the Zone B (Gander Ridge) Guest Parking Permit program for both residents and businesses due to abuse.  (Younie)

--May 22, 2015Letter to Bureau of Development Services (BDS) requesting additional vegitative screening on MAC loading and trash facilities as part of requested project. (Prince)

--January 20, 2015Letter to City Counsel requesting changes to West Quadrant Plan, endorsing minority opinion on height limits, and seeking delay of Feb. 4 City Counsel vote. (Prince)

--January 16, 2015 Letter to Bureau of Planning and Sustainability (BDS) opposing the spot zoning of a half-block in the Historic Kings Hill area to "mixed-use dispersed" commercial zoning. (Powell)

--January 4, 2015 Letter to City Counsel, MAC, developer of Block 7, and others reiterating that the GHFL Parking Survey Report is draft only and is not statistically validated.  (Prince)

--December 3, 2014 Letter to the Design Commission requesting changes to the proposed project on SW14th and Jefferson.  (Powell)

--December 2, 2014Letter to City Counsel informing them of adopted resolution by GHFL Board to oppose rezoning of Block 7 from RH to CX. (Toth)

--October 19, 2014Letter to Bureau of Development Services (BDS) listing neighbor concerns with the four-plex planned for the corner of SW 18th and Market St. (Wimmer)

--October 17, 2014Letter to City Counsel informing them of vote conducted at Oct. 8 Special Meeting of the GHFL Members to oppose rezoning of Block 7 from RH to CX. (Arkes)

--June 9, 2014Letter to Kelly Routt of the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) opposing the proposed bottle recycling center at SW 17th Ave. and Burnside St. (Wimmer)

--March 28, 2013: Letter to PBOT requesting action on Goose Hollow sign caps project.  (Johnson)

--May 14, 2012Letter to PDC in support of the proposed Education URA that includes Lincoln HS campus and "air-blocks" above I-405 between SW Columbia St. and Main.  (Cameron)

--November 18, 2011: Letter to City Council objecting to the continued use of the 1600 block of SW Columbia Street as a bus layover location and a request to return the street-front to public parking. (Turner)  TriMet's Nov. 29 response is here.  TriMet's May. 29, 2012 follow-up is here.

--May 2, 2011: Requests update from Trimet on elimination of layover stops in Goose Hollow of bus Lines 6, 43, and 45, as well as reduction of layover on SW 16th and Columbia to originally proposed 100 feet. (Turner)  TriMet's May 12 response is here.

--April 25, 2011: Letter to Bureau of Development Services in opposition to the application to adjust the temporary rezoning of the historic residence at 2153 SW Main St. to RH. (Powell)

--March 15, 2011: Requests that City Council delay vote on raising parking rates and operating hours during Jeld-Wen Field events. (Smith)

--March 15, 2011: Expresses position to Ramon Corona, Portland Parking Control Manager, that GHFL cannot endorse changes to parking rates/operating hours without public input. (Turner)

--March 15, 2011: Letter to David Wynde, Portland Public Schools, endorsing $548 million PPS bond measure. (Smith)

--February 18, 2011: Letter to Mark Sieber of NWNW requesting documents and things. (Smith)

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