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Planning Committee

Committee Chair:  Jerry Powell and Scott Schaffer (email)

Mission Statement: The Goose Hollow PLANNING Committee deals with questions of planning and development. It meets the first Wednesday of every month at 7 PM in room 202 of the First United Methodist Church at SW 18th and Jefferson.

Report: (Aug. 2014) Presentations made to attendees concerning three potential projects in Goose Hollow: (1) a 16-unit condo at the end of 20th Ave & next to the Kamm House, (2) a four-plex townhome project on a lot currently occupied by a double unit dwelling at the SW corner of 20th and 18th, and (3) a 66-unit apartment complex geared toward students with no parking or retail at 1450 SW Jefferson. 

Minutes:  Oct. 2014 // Aug. 2014 // July 2014 // July 2012 (Block 7)

Current Projects: (map) (notices/hearings)

  • Press Blocks (18th & Taylor):  DAR scheduled Aug. 25, 2016 for mid-rise office building on 1/2 block and full block residential property to be constructed on former Oregonian blocks that housed their printing presses. (DAR submission; sketch)
  • Jefferson Street Flats (20th & Jefferson): Final renderings (Mar. 15, 2013).  Project has broken ground with completion by end of 2014. History -- Draft plans went to "Design Advisory Review" on Oct. 4, 2012.  Design Commission Hearing submission (Feb. 7, 2013).  Relevant parking agreements that may affect project dated 1994 and 2003. (image)
  • MAC Club Apartments (Block 7): The MAC has signed a binding agreement with Mill Creek Development for a 265 residential apartment unit, 391 parking stall development (picture)
    • October 18, 2015:  Developer presents the latest version (version 2) of the proposed apartments/parking development.
    • January 8, 2015:  Developer withdraws application.  It is likely that the developer will conduct a traffic study and then reapply within three months.
    • July 10, 2014recommendation of the Hearings Officer to approve the zone change; the decision now goes to City Counsel for final approval.
    • May 21, 2014: city hearing to rule on zone change application (Rm. 2500a of the Portland Building 1900 SW 4th Ave.)
    • April 29: Special meeting of the GHFL Board to accept/reject zone change at Collins Hall 6:30pm at Methodist Church.  In a split vote, the GHFL Board voted against the following motions: (1) opposing the zone change from RH to CX; and (2) supporting the zone change as presented in the application. (agenda) (public comment) (subcommittee report) (MAC-Mill Creek Presentation) (transcript)
    • April 23: Final Block 7 Committee meeting at 7-9pm (Methodist Church). (meeting notes)
    • March 27: Planning Bureau finds application to be complete.
    • Feb. 4: Planning Bureau finds application to be incomplete.
    • Jan. 14: Application for Zone Change submitted by developer (combined document here).
    • Differences between RH and CX Zoning -- answers by Douglas Hardy (Sept. 5, 2013)
    • DAR Advice Memo issued Aug. 30, 2013;
    • preliminary plans submitted for DAR Aug. 15, 2013;
    • Block 7 subcommittee meeting minutes from Oct. 3, 2012 with neighborhood concerns; 
    • Oregonian articles from 1985 detailing the controversy surrounding this block can be found here and here.
    • 1981 testimony by the Multnomah Athletic Club (MAC) to City Counsel regarding future use of Block 7 found here.
  • 2167 SW Yamhill -- A proposed project from KOZ Development on an existing surface parking lot with 30 microapartments (about 325sf/each and most with lofted bedrooms) on four levels, secured bike parking for all units and a roof-top deck, but with no car parking spots.  Birdseye view here.
  • 1423 SW Columbia -- a 4-story, 23 residential unit development with NO  PARKING at the former site of a historic house.  Currently under construction. (May 12, 2014 Design Review) (permit set drawings) (design review submission)
  • 20th & Market Street -- proposal for a 5 story condo with 16 units (plus 16 underground parking spots) spanning from studio to 3-bedroom (3-floor) units next to Kamm house.  Frontage on Market Street Dr. would rise about 1 floor and be set back 18 feet. (image)
  • 1807 SW Market -- proposal for four (4) townhomes in place of existing house with only one garage space.  Units are modern design with solar panels on the roof. (image 1, image 2)
  • 1450 SW Jefferson -- proposal for a 6-story apartment with 66 residential units of 430sf average size intended primarily for PSU students, with NO CAR PARKING (bike parking only), and no ground-floor retail space (image) (preliminary plans).
  • Fred Meyer Remodel: proposal here (Aug. 9, 2012), drawings and staff recommendations (Sept. 20, 2012)
  • Morris Marks House: new proposal to move historic house adjacent to, or across SW 20th Ave. from the Jacob Kamm House.
  • Vista Bridge Fence: Exercising emergency powers, a "temporary" suicide prevention barrier was approved by Commissioner Steve Novick and erected August 2013 for a cost of $236,000.  The city has agreed in principal with State Historic Preservation Office to replace the temporary barrier within 5 years.  Estimated cost of a permanent solution that respects the historic character of the Vista Bridge, including its protected view corridor (map), expected to exceed $3 million.  Check the website for further news.
  • Central City Concept Plan here (Aug. 2012)

Portland Plan Logo (partial) Portland Plan 

  • West Quadrant Plan -- meetings Dec. 5 and Dec. 12, 2012 (event flyer)
  • West Quadrant Plan (Dec. 2014 DRAFT) -- executive summary and Goose Hollow goals/plan

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