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Planning Committee

Committee Chair:  Jerry Powell & Scott Schaffer (email)

Mission Statement: The Goose Hollow PLANNING Committee deals with questions of planning and development. It meets the first Wednesday of every month at 7 PM in room 202 of the First United Methodist Church at SW 18th and Jefferson.

Report: (Aug. 2014) Presentations made to attendees concerning three potential projects in Goose Hollow: (1) a 16-unit condo at the end of 20th Ave & next to the Kamm House, (2) a four-plex townhome project on a lot currently occupied by a double unit dwelling at the SW corner of 20th and 18th, and (3) a 66-unit apartment complex geared toward students with no parking or retail at 1450 SW Jefferson. 

Minutes:  Oct. 2014 // Aug. 2014 // July 2014 // July 2012 (Block 7)

Current Projects: (map) (notices/hearings)

  • Stadium Expansionproposal to add 4000 additional seats (25,000 total) in 4-tier above-ground structure along east side of stadium, which will likely affect traffic in the area.  Stadium subject to 2010 good neighbor agreement (draft 2017 GNA here) that accompanied community outreach plan and construction mitigation plan.  Images for 2017 exterior and interior shots have been presented.  The stadium was originally planned in the 1920s to have an enclosure along the east side that was never built.
  • Press Blocks (18th & Taylor):  Appeal of PDC's decision to approve the project will be held at City Counsel on August 10, 2017.  Revised staff report issued April 28, 2017 recommending approval of project: mid-rise office building on 1/2 block and full block residential property to be constructed on former Oregonian blocks that housed their printing presses. (DAR submission; sketch)
  • Jefferson Street Flats (20th & Jefferson): Final renderings (Mar. 15, 2013).  Project has broken ground with completion by end of 2014. History -- Draft plans went to "Design Advisory Review" on Oct. 4, 2012.  Design Commission Hearing submission (Feb. 7, 2013).  Relevant parking agreements that may affect project dated 1994 and 2003. (image)
  • MAC Club Apartments (Block 7): The MAC has signed a binding agreement with Mill Creek Development for a 265 residential apartment unit, 391 parking stall development (picture)
    • October 18, 2015:  Developer presents the latest version (version 2) of the proposed apartments/parking development.
    • January 8, 2015:  Developer withdraws application.  It is likely that the developer will conduct a traffic study and then reapply within three months.
    • July 10, 2014recommendation of the Hearings Officer to approve the zone change; the decision now goes to City Counsel for final approval.
    • May 21, 2014: city hearing to rule on zone change application (Rm. 2500a of the Portland Building 1900 SW 4th Ave.)
    • April 29: Special meeting of the GHFL Board to accept/reject zone change at Collins Hall 6:30pm at Methodist Church.  In a split vote, the GHFL Board voted against the following motions: (1) opposing the zone change from RH to CX; and (2) supporting the zone change as presented in the application. (agenda) (public comment) (subcommittee report) (MAC-Mill Creek Presentation) (transcript)
    • April 23: Final Block 7 Committee meeting at 7-9pm (Methodist Church). (meeting notes)
    • March 27: Planning Bureau finds application to be complete.
    • Feb. 4: Planning Bureau finds application to be incomplete.
    • Jan. 14: Application for Zone Change submitted by developer (combined document here).
    • Differences between RH and CX Zoning -- answers by Douglas Hardy (Sept. 5, 2013)
    • DAR Advice Memo issued Aug. 30, 2013;
    • preliminary plans submitted for DAR Aug. 15, 2013;
    • Block 7 subcommittee meeting minutes from Oct. 3, 2012 with neighborhood concerns; 
    • Oregonian articles from 1985 detailing the controversy surrounding this block can be found here and here.
    • 1981 testimony by the Multnomah Athletic Club (MAC) to City Counsel regarding future use of Block 7 found here.
  • 2167 SW Yamhill -- A proposed project from KOZ Development on an existing surface parking lot with 30 microapartments (about 325sf/each and most with lofted bedrooms) on four levels, secured bike parking for all units and a roof-top deck, but with no car parking spots.  Birdseye view here.
  • 1423 SW Columbia -- a 4-story, 23 residential unit development with NO  PARKING at the former site of a historic house.  Currently under construction. (May 12, 2014 Design Review) (permit set drawings) (design review submission)
  • 20th & Market Street -- proposal for a 5 story condo with 16 units (plus 16 underground parking spots) spanning from studio to 3-bedroom (3-floor) units next to Kamm house.  Frontage on Market Street Dr. would rise about 1 floor and be set back 18 feet. (image)
  • 1807 SW Market -- proposal for four (4) townhomes in place of existing house with only one garage space.  Units are modern design with solar panels on the roof. (image 1, image 2)
  • 1450 SW Jefferson -- proposal for a 6-story apartment with 66 residential units of 430sf average size intended primarily for PSU students, with NO CAR PARKING (bike parking only), and no ground-floor retail space (image) (preliminary plans).
  • Fred Meyer Remodel: proposal here (Aug. 9, 2012), drawings and staff recommendations (Sept. 20, 2012)
  • Morris Marks House: new proposal to move historic house adjacent to, or across SW 20th Ave. from the Jacob Kamm House.
  • Vista Bridge Fence: Exercising emergency powers, a "temporary" suicide prevention barrier was approved by Commissioner Steve Novick and erected August 2013 for a cost of $236,000.  The city has agreed in principal with State Historic Preservation Office to replace the temporary barrier within 5 years.  Estimated cost of a permanent solution that respects the historic character of the Vista Bridge, including its protected view corridor (map), expected to exceed $3 million.  Check the website for further news.
  • Central City Concept Plan here (Aug. 2012)

Portland Plan Logo (partial) Portland Plan 

  • West Quadrant Plan -- meetings Dec. 5 and Dec. 12, 2012 (event flyer)
  • West Quadrant Plan (Dec. 2014 DRAFT) -- executive summary and Goose Hollow goals/plan

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