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Communications Committee

Committee Chair: Alexis Ingram (email)

Members: Bob Arkes, Nicolas Clark, Casey Milne, Scott Schaffer (open invitation for new members!)

Mission Statement: To engage with neighborhood association members and recruit new members using various forms of media.  Meetings are held 8am on the first Wednesday each month at the Artists Repertory Theater (1515 SW Morrison St).

Report: (July 2, 2014) 

Attendees: Alexis Ingram, Chair; Casey Milne, Mark Velky, Nicolas Clark

A draft of the GHFL Communications Guidelines was circulated for review.

At the June GHFL Board meeting, the Committee was tasked with the duty to plan and execute the annual neighborhood party for the end of summer. Alexis reached out to Ken Puckett to see if there was a soccer game available for the party; Ken is going to look into ticket availability, since the reserve team plays in Sacramento now, rather than Portland.

The Committee discussed the July e-newsletter content and decided to include all GHFL committee meeting dates and times, as well as information on the Sam Chase meeting. Moving forward, the committee will review e-newsletter topics at each monthly meeting and add anything needed.

The Committee continues to work on its strategic plan and vision for the future. We are outlining our mission, vision, values and goals and will hone this document at our August meeting. Here is a link to the working draft of the document.

The next meeting is on Wednesday, August 8 (8am) at Artists Repertory Theatre.  We welcome any interested individuals.


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