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Communications Committee

Committee Chair: Alexis Ingram (email)

Members: Bob Arkes, Nicolas Clark, Casey Milne, Scott Schaffer (open invitation for new members!)

Mission Statement: To engage with neighborhood association members and recruit new members using various forms of media.  Meetings are held 8am on the first Wednesday each month at the Artists Repertory Theater (1515 SW Morrison St).

Report: (March 2014) 

The Committee discussed what steps to take in the next year to ensure that transparent and timely communications were distributed to the GHFL and the Goose Hollow neighborhood. Committee Chair Alexis Ingram is drafting a document outlining goals, objectives and activities to support the committee’s efforts. The Committee also brainstormed about outreach activities that we could get involved with as a partnership with other GHFL committees.

GOAL: Transparent and timely communication about the activities of Goose Hollow Foothills League and the Goose Hollow neighborhood.


**NOTE**this is a working document/plan

Increase GHFL membership by XX

  • Activity 1: Distribute a direct mail piece to neighborhood(complete December 2013)
  • Results from Activity 1: 28 new GHFL members (as of January 2014)
  • Activity 2:
  • Activity 3:

Increase Facebook followers by XX

  • Activity 1: Ensure that the Facebook page is public (complete February 5, 2014)
  • Activity 2:
  • Activity 3:

Build and maintain relationships with businesses in the neighborhood

  • Activity 1: Send monthly welcome letters to new businesses, based off the list that Angela from NWNW generates and distributes
  • Activity 2:
  • Activity 3:


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